Order food in 3D.

Restaurant menu cards with 2D pictures are not enough for the 3D world we live in!
That's why we are here - providing a totally new food ordering experience
- be it online food delivery or on-site dining experiences at restaurants.

Try here !

Who Are We?

XordeR is a Start-up revolutionizing the way food is being ordered at restaurants or via online food delivery services.

We provide restaurants with an affordable web application-based digital menu which lets customers view the food in 3D before placing an order.

Why Do You Need This?

A person ordering food at a restaurant or through an online delivery service always faces a problem when they are ordering food from a cuisine they are not familiar with.

Textual description and photos fail to address the confusion prevailing around ingredients, quantity and food names in strange foreign languages.

Solution? - A 3D model right in front of the customer!

Who Buys Our Service?

  • Small-Medium sized restaurants all around the globe who want to digitize their menu and bring their food items to life.
  • Food Delivery Services can acquire 3D data for the food items of the restaurants they are partnered with.