Changing the food ordering experience, one menu at a time.

Our revamped digital menu cards with built-in AR experience will completely change the food ordering experience - be it online or on-site at restaurants!

All from the web browser. The customer ordering food at a restaurant does not have to download a separate application for the AR experience. Everything works from your internet browser.


The digital menu enforces hygiene of the customers all the time as they use their own mobile devices for viewing the menu.

3D Menu Items

Food items from the menu card augmented to reality in 3D gives an appetizing experience to your customers prior to ordering.

Multiple Languages

Let your customers switch to a language of their choice at the click of a button which eases their experience at your restaurant.

Smart Memory

Customers often get confused if they are ordering the same item all over again. Don't fret anymore, as the smart digital menu keeps track of your customer's previous orders.


Let the customers know all the ingredients that make up their delicious meal. The digital menu can also provide important information regarding common allergens.

Nutrition Data

Humans have different energy needs. Provide your customers with nutritional facts of their delicious meal which aids them in choosing their meal based on requirements.

Take a leap into the future and let your customers experience an exciting ordering experience at the tip of their fingers!

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